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All of these pages has been drawn by :iconimalou:

do not steal it, re-use it and blah blah blah.... AND FIRST : enjoy my work !

Warning : NSFW
Hi there guys ! Imalou's here ;D

It was a long time I wanted to start this project and finally here it is !! I hope, even with my school who take me a lot of time, to finish this comic as soon as possible \(^w^)/

The basic story is based on the fanfic : Cupcakes, it's an awesome gory fanfic write by Sergeant Sprinkles around January 2011

you can find the fanfiction… ( English )

Well I was sketching a badass Applejack in my school book during French class, I was so bored that I draw a lot of ponies and finally came to that style of character.

So you'll find these characters :

-AppleJack, the butler of Pinkamena

-Pinkamena Diane Pie, the killer

-Rainbow Dash, the victim

This manga is a Seinen, there will be a love story but also gory and porn stuff.

So be aware, if you're under 15 years old, don't read this or don't show this to your little brother because he stole you your favorite game xD~

The project is still in work, I've got the story idea and sketched the first page. Some of my art will be posted soon ^^

Have a nice day \(^3^)/


my first account : :iconimalou:


CupcakesManga's Profile Picture
Pinkamena Diane Pie
:flaguk: English :flaguk:

Pinkamena, although being friendly with the whole population of Ponyville, was a poneyette associale, because invalid no one could not understand her feelings for Rainbow Dash, who was then her best friend.
Both had for habit to be consider as " sexfriends ", but everything changed when Pinkamena discoverved that Rainbow Dash had fallen in love with Applejack...

:flageu: French :flageu:

Pinkamena, bien qu’étant amie avec l’ensemble de la population de Ponyville, était une poneyette associale, car nuls ne pouvaient comprendre ses sentiments pour Rainbow Dash, qui était alors sa meilleure amie.
Toutes deux avaient pour habitude de se concidérer comme “sexfriends”, mais tout changeât lorque Pinkamena découvrît que Rainbow Dash était tombée amoureuse d’Applejack

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The hell is wrong with u? Ur just suddenly not going to finish it? Right at the cliffhanger? Fuck you.
Malicious--Dreamer Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A break right at a cliffhanger?

Aww man.... Q^Q I really wanted to see the end (Even though I'm not into yuri, I have no idea why I just want to see psychotic pinkmena because.... I dunno.)
Mane-Shaker Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're giving up on the manga? D:
That's so sad, I was expecting to see a manga
with my fav character, and I t was going well.

Too bad, hope you come back. :'(
RaenBoow Nov 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I guess you took a break from this manga? Too bad, I really liked it! :D
Imalou, did you take a break?:P Also, what program to do you use to draw?
MrToxicswarm Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where is page 13 ?

I'm waiting for that heart stab :3
Happy birthday~!!!
DankoDeadZone Jun 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Happy birthday! and thanks for all your work,i really like your art style and this version of cupcakes. You're awesome!
happy borthday, and hope you have a great time making your next part of the comic
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